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   Pousada Galeria Artes is an inn with a different proposal. The accommodation is part of a concept of residence where the objects placed in it have a personalized, cultural, family character and come from various parts of the world... 
   I lived 13 years in Europe / Asia / Scandinavia, I visited many countries and in these trips I stayed in all kinds of accommodations. It's been a few years since I moved to Bonito but since 1996 we come to visit this place as tourists every year. I am Brazilian with Dutch nationality.

   I speak English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and we already speak French, Norwegian among others.

   Bonito is the number one destination for Ecotourism and it was with this in mind that we built our residence.
   It has an extra for those looking for a beautiful, comfortable, healthy, peaceful environment with lots of space.
   Even located in the city, we have an area of 2,500 m2 of lawn with swimming pool, trees typical of the region, some mango trees and a pau brasil. We have cisterns to collect rainwater and solar panels that heat the water in the showers. Pousada Galeria Artes is 100% non-smoking. All our apartments are air-conditioned with cutting-edge technology (inverters), do not release polluting gas and save resources.


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