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Guesthouse Gallery Artes

The Guesthouse Gallery Artes is a guesthouse with a difference. It is part of a concept of a residence with the objects inside having a personal, cultural, family character and come from different part of the world. Elegance, comfort, a cosy ambience and quality are key concepts which define Pousada Galeria Artes.


For 13 years I lived in Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, visited countless countries and during these journeys I stayed in all kinds of accommodation. Several years ago my husband and I moved to Bonito. But since 1996 we have been visiting this marvellous place as tourists every year. I am Brazilian with Dutch nationality. We speak English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and used to speak French, Norwegian among others.

Bonito is destination no. 1 for ecotourism and with this in mind we built our residence. Our house possesses everything for those who are looking for a beautiful ambience which is comfortable, healthy, quiet and has lots of space.


Even located within the town we offer a lawn area of 25.000 m² with trees from the region and some Mango trees. We have 3 cisterns with a joint capacity of 17.000 litres of rain water and we have solar panels which heat all water used for showers and hot water taps. The Guesthouse Gallery Artes is 100% non-smoking.


On the recently renovated terrace we installed aircon based on inverter technology which doesn´t emit polluting gases and is highly energy efficient.


To serve you even better we opened our own tour agency thus making it more convenient to choose and book tours.


We always have a collection of art in the Guest House. At present we show photos by the Malaysian photographer Ting Nai Ho and other artists. While living in Miri we acquired this collection of 38 pictures. They show the live of Malaysian who today are in the minority since 70% of people living in Sarawak are of Chinese descent. The indigenous culture is vanishing and in these photos you can see its costumes, customs and environment.


Maria Pires

Director and Proprietor

Rua Luiz da Costa Leite, 1053 - Centro

Bonito Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil

CEP: 79290-000

Telefone +55 (67) 3255-4843